The Challenge

Over the years, poor brand development had led to an almost exclusive retail focus for the insurance category – consumers had been effectively trained to view insurance as a commodity.  The task was to bring value back into the category, to get people to start thinking about what insurance buys, not just what it costs.

We wanted to move away from using fear and uncertainty as a strategy, and instead take a positive, optimistic view of what it feels like if you’re not so worried about life’s ‘what ifs’. ‘Unworry’ and the magical world of ‘Un’ was created.

Unworry not only captured the essence of why people were buying into in the category, it also reconnected people with the brand in a very human way. The whimsical ‘un’ language was disarming for a large corporate and it instantly contemporised and reinvigorated the iconic brand.

To bring it to life we took a phased approach:

PRE-LAUNCH  To pique people’s interest in the week prior to launch we seeded ‘Unworry’ and ‘Un’ without revealing the brand behind it.


LAUNCH  The fully integrated campaign was supported by a range of activities designed to bring the experience and world of ‘Unworry’ to life.

STAFF LAUNCH  A comprehensive programme maximised staff engagement with the idea.

ADVERTISING  The multi-channel campaign supported brand, product and retail messages across all facets of the business.

DM  A complete overhaul of customer communications ensured alignment with the rest of the campaign.



The campaign over-achieved all targets and provided the brand with a strong platform for future growth.

These results included a lift in policy estimates of over 20% which flowed on to a 9% lift in policies sold.

The campaign enjoyed high cut-through and this resulted in significant marketing cost-efficiencies – reducing the cost per policy sold by 20%.