Identity Refresh

Millers has been proudly dressing women in Australia and New Zealand since 1993. The brand has an incredible loyal customer base – with over 370 stores,
an online shopping destination and a successful loyalty programme. We always talk about our Millers audience as “our women”.

She is the rock of the family unit. She deserves to be championed, acknowledged and elevated, which has inspired Millers and the YOLO team to ensure every brand experience for our women is positive, and one full of surprise and delight. In fact we made a promise that everything we do, say and all experiences we create will ladder up to the brand essence of ‘For the love of our women”.

The connection between the Millers ladies and their store is magical, they are often on first name terms with the store manager. However the stores themselves were looking tired, and the overall experience did not reflect the warmth and delight the brand had to offer. We developed an integrated new brand identity for Millers – across new look and feel, logo, colours, style guide, and a new communications platform.

Together with a partner agency in London specialising in instore design, we also developed the new store fit out, flow and experience, and instore POS. We created a brand platform that elevated the brand in the eyes of our women, and we were also mindful to make sure that all touch points had that instant “It’s Millers” connection with consumers.


The new stores started to role out in August 2014, with more renovations planned throughout 2015. The retail results show the new experience is a real winner – in fact the first day at the new Bankstown store saw a record sales day for the brand at over $1million.

The comments that continue to come in from our store managers and our Millers ladies are also worthy of a mention – it’s evident anecdotally too that brand loyalty has been strengthened even further

We are excited to be currently working on the communications campaign to take our brand platform out to a wider audience across more broadcast platforms, and continue to build on the love that’s out there for Millers in 2015.